What is a coach?


A coach is someone who will be there to encourage, support and motivate others into discovering their hidden potential for a better SELF, while at the same time being the living proof that this can be achieved. While you can be a fitness expert, a nutrition expert, or even an athlete, and be a Beachbody coach, I would go so far as to say that most coaches just aren’t. I sure as heck am either of those things!

A coach will first and foremost still be a customer – after all if they believe in the product enough to want to offer it, it makes sense that they would be using it, right? By joining the coaching opportunity program, that customer becomes a business owner who will actively let people know about getting fit and losing weight with Beachbody’s best-selling line of products. In short, a coach succeeds by helping others succeedAnd you can do it all from home!

Business opportunity


Coaching makes your world grow larger. How? You’ll meet people and develop new relationships that will enrich you in ways you never imagined. You’ll explore exciting new opportunities for personal development. You can earn world-class trips to exotic destinations — or work out with your favorite celebrity trainers. Maybe even be recognized on stage, in front of thousands of your peers at our most exciting and important Coach event of the year — Summit.

Think back to when you first made the decision to get fitter, stronger, and healthier with a Beachbody program. Now imagine the rewards your ambition and commitment can bring you as a Team Beachbody Coach.

You can do the things in life you were always meant to do. Just by doing what you love. That’s what the Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity is all about.

As a Team Beachbody Coach, you can begin earning money right away. The products you’ll be offering are proven successes — backed by multimillion dollar ad campaigns — they’re brands people already want to buy. You’ll earn up to $105 for every Beachbody Challenge Pack you sell and a 25% commission on all of your other retail sales. And if you choose to build a network of Coaches below you, you can earn even more.

Lots of Coaches earn enough cash to stretch their monthly budgets. Some earn enough to quit their day jobs. A few top Coaches even earn more than a million dollars a year.

Accountability partner


Accountability Partners

We have been there, done that, failed, picked ourselves up and marched on. We are a team of people just like you that support one another because we’ve been there before and have seen the difference it made when someone was there for us!

Success stories


Successful Coach Stories

Every single one of these stories comes from someone just like you. Someone who works hard to achieve success in all aspects of their lives. The key is that they saw a dream and simply made it a reality.