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Staying fit while traveling

Going on vacation (or traveling for business) doesn’t have to mean taking a break from your fitness regimen. Sure, you can use that excuse if you want to, but then how will you feel when you get home and have to tackle the pounds you put on or the inches that crept back while you weren’t looking? I went to Ireland for two straight weeks in March of 2016 and I will admit it would have been very easy to tell myself that this was a well-deserved vacation (which it was) and that I was so sick (also a true story!) that I also deserved a vacation from working out. But I didn’t!

There are so many workouts available that don’t require any machines that there is no reason why you couldn’t get in some type of exercise in your room at the beginning of the day (or the end if that’s how you roll). You can also take walks to explore your new surroundings, find a gym or fitness center that offers something you don’t normally have access to (I wanted to try Boogie Bounce when I went to Ireland because that’s not something we have here in Quebec, but that sadly didn’t happen). Find something that interests you and don’t rely on a car to take you everywhere. I love photography so you can bet me and my Nikon got some good mileage out of that trip – and not all of it in a car!

Then there are the things you can bring with you. While you can’t really pack dumbbells in your suitcase, a jump rope or resistance bands really don’t take much space and weight next to nothing. Don’t forget to pack some sneakers of course if you plan on hitting a gym. Even if you don’t pack a single fitness tool, you can get a crazy-good workout with simple bodyweight exercises.

A simple circuit suggestion: do 100 jumping jacks (or four sets of 25 if you need to), 30-60 seconds of pushups, 30-60 seconds holding a plank, 30-60 seconds of lunges per leg, and 30-60 seconds of burpees. Then repeat 2-3 times.