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Strawberry Topping

Store-bought jams and preserves are a bit dicey when it comes to its ingredients, so it’s definitely nice to be able to control all that goes in it with this gluten-free, vegan AND paleo strawberry topping. Excellent served with the Fixate french toast!

Fixate French Toast w/ Strawberry Topping

Who doesn’t like french toast drizzled in maple syrup with a dusting of powdered sugar (the sugar part may be optional)? To me this is such a treat to be able to make a version that is not likely to send someone into a diabetic coma because of its sugar content while still tasting amazing!

Sinful brunch omelette

I may be a nutrition coach, but I also have my sinful dishes that are not always the the most sensible choices. The “omelette campagnarde spéciale avec sauce hollandaise” (special country omelette with hollandaise sauce) from the Motel Blanchet in Drummondville is my favorite breakfast when I visit my family. So I decided to try and recreate it at home. The reason this recipe is found in the test kitchen is that I will have to study the possibility of making it a little less decadent while remaining as tasty. Quite a challenge!

Banana-Apple Muffins

Ready to wake up and smell the muffins? Those amazing Banana-Apple muffins are a great way to start your day and are quick to whip up — just 30 minutes or less. Made with all-natural ingredients, these moist-and-tasty muffins are a healthy treat you can enjoy anytime!